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Willow/Spike Fiction

The Authors of Willow/Spike Fiction Listed Alphabetically

Ahn | Ally | Amy | Anastasia | Angel Cobain | Angela F | Anya | Ariel | Ash | Atherieal | Avenzuli | Bitch Willow | The Brain | Constance | Dagney | Daydreamer Slayer | Eshe | Inell | Isis | Karen | Karen U. | LightLes | Linzi Aurora | Lisa | Lost Soul | Melissa | Meredian | Nightbird | Nita | Northlight | Poet | Ragna | Reatha | Ruby | Saber ShadowKitten | Snizzle | Shelley | SpikesLuve | Tori | Twisted Sisters | Wensar1 | Wravyn


Lots o Angelus bashing in this series. Don't get me wrong, i love Angelus, but its quite fun to see his ego get bruised. Also, this takes place during second season when Spike is in a wheelchair.

Conversation in the Ladies Room
This isn't Willow/Spike, but they are both main characters in this fic. More of a Buffy/Spike fic.
Spike and Angelus are told of a conversation between Buffy, Cordelia, and Willow in the ladies room.
Pure Sillyness :)

Drunken Antics
The girls get drunk and do something... haha, not gonna say :) Sequel to Conversation in the Ladies Room.

Saturday Night
Sequel to Drunken Antics. Think hangovers, and lots o stripping.

Chocolate Lust
Sequel to Saturday Night. Angelus plots revenge, but things don't go as planned. One of my favorite.

Back to the Ladies Room
Sequel to Chocolate Lust. Umm, hrm, well... JUST READ IT!! lots of goofiness, even some smoochies :)


Dancing in the Dark (finished)
Spike is drawn back to Sunnydale and finds someone.

Spike's Surrender (finished)
Spike is having dreams about a certain witch we all know and love.


Dangerous Alliances (finished)
The first in a five part series.

Strange Ailments (finished)
Second in series.

Uncertain Cures (finished)
Third in series.

Lingering Afflictions (finished)
Fourth in series.

Sinful Medicines (finished)
Final part in series.


The Charms of Dancing (unfinished)
Spike and Willow talk about dancing and things develop.
parts one-four | parts five-six | parts seven-thirteen | parts fourteen-fifteen | parts sixteen

I Felt Like Crying (finished)
Heavy on the angst, consider yourself warned.

Angel Cobain

Healing (unfinished)
Spike saves Willow from the hands of a Vampire Rapist.
| parts one-two | part three |

Angela F.

Winner Takes All (unfinished)
Willow loses a bet, now she has to pay the winner.

Some Wished Do Come True (unfinished)
Guess who is back with a new attitude?
| part one-two |


Sanctuary (finished)
Willow's stressed. And when she's stressed, she does what every self-respecting redheaded witch does -- she cuts loose. With complications.

On My Way Home (finished)
Sequel to Sanctuary.

Twilight's Children (finished)
Sequel to On My Way Home.

Seeking Asylum (finished)
Sequel to Twilight's Children.


Something (unfinished)
Dru skips town. Spike decides to get reacquainted with society. Stuff happens

Callin' Sunnydale (finished)
Spike remembers the events of last night.


Snippet (unfinished)
Peices of a conversation between Willow and Spike.

Tiffani with an 'I' (unfinished)
Scene between a certain scooby gang viewed by an outsider.

Twilight (finished?)
Willow and someone meet. An almost song-fic.

Different Shades of Darkness (unfinished)
Crossover with the motion picture 'The Labyrinth'.
| part one-two | part three | part four |

Light the Way (finished)
A lighted window is a beacon in the darkness, but it comes with complications.


A Love Story Series (finished)
When a fateful prophecy, a hacker, and two feuding vampire's lives collide, the story of a lifetime begins.


Entangling Alliances Co-written by Ruby (unfinished)
Spike has a problem that forces him to see out help from the Scooby Gang.

Bitch Willow

Garden of Eden (finished)
Things get out of hand, Spike gives in to temptation, and tastes some forbidden fruit. Set during Lover's Walk. First in the Paradise Series.

Temptation (finished)
Willow-thoughts before the Scooby gang finds her and Xander. Second in the Paradise Series.

Sour Grapes (finished)
Third in the Paradise Series.

Sugar and Tangerines (finished)
Spike is called back to Sunnydale... but can he face his memories?

Back to the Garden (finished)
Fifth in the Paradise Series. Spike comes back to Sunnydale.

Iron Flower (finished)
Sixth in the Paradise Series. Willow stops by Spike's apartment.

Holloween Tree (finished)
Seventh in the Paradise Series. Fear, itself, only in my fun little universe.

Savage Garden (finished)
Eighth in the Paradise Series. Spike deals with what happened at Halloween and discovers why he’s been having some…interesting dreams about Willow.

Bitter Berries (finished)
Willow tries to clear up what happened with her and Spike. 9th in series.

Trouble in Honeyland (finished)
Buffy tries to figure out what's going on with her friends. 10th in series.

For Wine Is The Sacred Drink, Let It Be Blessed (finished)
Tristan comes to visit Doyle in the middle of the night. 11th in series.

The Brain

Martyr (unfinished)
Willow's stalker, Spike, realizes that Willow is more then a witch.
| parts 1-2 | part 3 |

A Little Closer to Hell (finished)
Short song-fic with dark overtones.


Mad As A March Vampire (finished)
Willow asserts her independence and gets into trouble

Spring Fever (finished)
Sequel to Mad As A March Vampire

April Fools (unfinished)
Sequel to Spring Fever, which is a sequel to Mad As A March Vampire.


Blue Moon Love (finished!!!)
Willow travels to the past for the sake of Angel and Buffy. But she does not go where intended.

Dragon's Lair (unfinished)
A pre-quel to Blue Moon Love.

Secret Confessions (finished)
Lotta Willow/Spike angst.

Don't Give Up Your Day Job (finished)
Willow goes undercover as a dancer to catch a murderer while Buffy is gone.
| parts 1-8 | part 9 | part 10 | part 11 | part 12 | parts 13-14 | parts 15-17 | parts 18-23 | part 24 | part 25 | part 26-28 | epilogue |

Daydreamer Slayer

Spike/Willow Dream Saga (finished)
Spike and Willow start living a relationship they long to have in a series of dreams.


How Can I Hold On (finished)
Spike goes to see Willow.


Secrets, Surprises, and Eternal Love Series (unfinished)
A series of events that take place, involving a Willow/Spike relationship.


Time to Say Goodbye (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Willow receives a letter. Mostly Willow thoughts with some Oz conversation.

Greater Love Hath No Man (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Willow is expecting Oz, someone else shows up. Sequel to Time to Say Goodbye.

Expectations (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Sequel to Greater Love Hath No Man.

Between Darkness and Light (unfinished) OUTSIDE LINK
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven | part eight | part nine | part ten | part eleven | part twelve | part thirteen | part fourteen
Sequel to Expectations.


The Damned Series (finished)
Hmm, how to explain this story. Been a while since i read it, so lets hope i get this right. Spike makes a promise to Willow to return to her, but when that time comes, is Willow willing to go with Spike? ...I know that was a weak description, but i am no good at them. Just read the story!

Karen U.

Just a Little Misunderstanding (finished)
A misunderstanding adds some unwanted excitment to Willow and Spike's evening.

No Such Thing As A Simple Kiss (finished)
Sequel to 'Just a Little Misunderstanding'.

Actions and Reactions (finished)
Sequel to "No Such Thing as a Simple Kiss." It's basically a bunch of short vignettes showing the Scooby Gang's reactions to Willow and Spike getting together. (Big shock, huh?)

Observations (finished)
Fourth in my W/S series; comes after Actions and Reactions. Buffy's POV on W and S's relationship.

Research (finished)
Fifth in my W/S series; comes after Observations. The gang's researching...but what's really on their minds?

Double Date (finished)
Sixth in my W/S series. Spike and Willow go out with Buffy and Riley.

Misery Loves Company (finished)
Seventh in my W/S series; comes after Double Date. Angel and Xander's POVs

At the Movies (finished)
8th in Series. Another double date from various POVs.

Decisions (finished)
9th in Series. Willow's POV.

First Kiss, Last Kiss (finished)
Last story in series. Follows Decisions.


Daylight Comes (unfinished)
Read me!
| part one | part two | part three |

Linzi Aurora

The Secret Admirer Series (unfinished)
Willow has a secret admirer, its fun now, but things always get complicated.
Stuffed Animals


Willow and Spike's Wild and Wacky Adventure (finished)
Willow wakes up to find herself in a world not of her own... and she's got company.
| parts one-four | part five | part six | part seven-ten |

Immortality: Past Imperfect (finished)
First in a series. Seven years before Willow died -- but did she really? Xover with Highlander.

Immortality II: Masks Drop (finished)
Second in series.

Immortality III: Truths and Realizations (finished)
Third in series.

Immortality IV: Sweet Pain, Sweet Fear (finished)
Fourth in series.

Immortality V: The Truth Hurts (finished)
Fifth in series.

Immortality VI: Confession is Good For the Soul (finished)
Sixth in series.

Things Longed For (finished)
Sequel to Northlights 'Things Seen'.

Things Decided (finished)
Sequel to 'Things Longed For'.

Things Desired (finished)
Third story in this new series. Follows 'Things Decided'.

Things Met (finished)
Fourth in series. Follows 'Things Desired'.

Things Confessed (finished)
Fifth in series.

Things Needed (finished)
Sixth in series.

Things Done (finished)
Seventh in series.

Things Resolved (finished)
Eighth in series. End series.

Lost Soul

My Last Duchess (finished)
Spike recounts to a fellow vampire something that happened.

Runaway (finished)
Willow is running away from someone.

Calm Before the Storm (finished)
Sequel to Runaway.

Pale Fire Series: Flowers Always Die (finished)
Sequel to Calm Before the Storm.


Pet (unfinished)
This takes place during second season with the pretenses that Spike has been forced to help Buffy.
| part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six |


The Seduction (finished)
Someone is dreaming...


Beauty and the Beast (finished)
Spike and Willow meet at the cinema while watching Beauty and the Beast.

Goodnight Sweetheart (finished)
Spike loses someone close to him.

What Has Gone Before Us and What Is Still to Come (finished)
20 years after an alt. version of Innocence, a shadowy figure pays homage to some graves.

Eww! Drunken Frat Stains Never Come Out of the Carpet (finished)
Willow and Buffy attend a frat party.

Drinking and Dreaming (finished)
Willow and Buffy get drunk, Spike listens in on their conversation.

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Where Have You Been? (unfinished)
Willow casts a spell, it goes wrong. Feling wackiness ensues.
| part one |


Spellbound OUTSIDE LINK (unfinished)
Oh, just read it!

Memories and Desires (finished)
Alternate reality fic

Love's Story (unfinished)
Prologue to Memories and Desires.
| part one-two | part three-five |

Of Frogs and Vampires (finished)


Crossroads Series (unfinished)
Willow and Spike form a friendship, it takes off from there.

Things Seen (finished)
This ones good, read it!
Read the sequel by Poet: A New Beginning
Read the sequel by Saber ShadowKitten: Spike's Reaction
Read the sequel by Lisa: Things Longed For

Darkness Falls (unfinished)
Things have changed in sunnydale, and with the help of Spike, Willow and friends are going to make things right again.
| parts 1-3 | part 4 | part 5 |

Tears in Heaven (finished)
This can be seen as a willow/spike, buffy/spike, buffy/angel, or willow/angel. Whichever couple you prefer.

The Final Link in the Chain (finished)
Spike helps Willow out of an awkward situation and gets drawn into an even more dangerous one.
| part 1 | parts 2-4 | parts 5-6 | parts 7-epilogue |

Blood Bond (unfinished)
Sequel to 'The Final Link in the Chain'. Years after leaving her daughter with Buffy and Giles, Willow and Spike return.
| parts 1-4 | parts 5-6 |

Mist and Shadows (unfinished)
Willow, Spike and friends are transferred to a dangerous world.
| parts 1-4 | part 5 |

Last Words (finished)
Willow is in a bit of trouble.

After the Words (finished)
The next morning... Sequel to Last Words.

Unexpected Words (finished)
3rd in series. Follows 'After the Words'.

Strange Beyond Words (finished)
4th in series. Follows 'Unexpected Words'.

Words Can't Express (finished)
5th in the Words Series. Willow runs into Spike again.


A New Beginning (finished)
Sequel to Northlight's 'Things Seen'.


Emotions Series (finished)
Five different POVs expressing different emotions about a Willow/Spike hook-up.


What's It Worth to You? (finished)
The hunt for lost souls leads Stone to Sunnydale, and to a recently freed vampire. Crossover with Brimstone. This is not really Willow/Spike. But the sequel is...

Welcome Back, Willow (finished)
Sequel to 'What's it Worth to You?'.

The Candy Series (finished)
Starts out with Willow having a secret admirer.

Hell in High Heels (unfinished)
Takes place during The Zeppo when the gang was fighting the Hellmouth creature. This is how it could have gone very, very wrong. Crossover with Highlander.
| parts one-three | part four | part five |

Life and Times (finished)
The gang reads a letter, and discovers something important about Willow.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is (finished)
Willow's got a REALLY big heart.


Bored Series (finished)
Interesting little PWP story. Deals with Willow and Spike mostly

I Change... (finished)
Sequel to the Bored Series

The Still, Sad Music of Humanity (finished)
Sequel to I Change... Series, which is a sequel to the Bored Series

Entangling Alliances (Also written by Avenzuli) (unfinished)
Spike has a problem that forces him to see out help from the Scooby Gang.

Whom Shall My Soul Believe (finished)
Willow is in one helluva mess.

Evil Venery (unfinshed)
Sequel to Whom Shall My Soul Believe.

Remember What is Past (finished)
Willow and Spike find they have a past together.

Darkened Soul (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Remember What is Past'.
| part one | part two |

Deceived (finished)
Willow is stunned by a painful betrayal.

Plagued - Why Us? Series (unfinished)
Clowining Around
Marauding Frogs
Angel's Among Us
Hollucinogenic Garlic
In the Pink
Flaming Reptiles
Leaf Us Alone
Can't Have Your Cake
Time to Tell
A Load Of...
The Color of Envy
Hare-y Attacker
Tricks or Treats
Down, Boy!
Ongoing series that started out with Willow getting kidnapped... by clowns :)

Personal Demons (finished)
Willow discovers she's being watched. Willow/Angel and Willow/Spike content.
| part one | part two-five | part six | parts seven-nine | parts ten-eleven | parts twelve-fourteen (end) |

Turning Willow (finished)
Spike finds an appealing way out of having to deal with the slayer. Warning, this is not a happy fic.

Keeping Willow (unfinished)
This is a sequel to Turning Willow.
| parts one-four | parts five-eight |

Stalkher (finished)
Spike wants Willow.

Changing Heart Series (unfinished)
Willow begins to move on, with a little help.

Saber ShadowKitten

Short Silly Fics: The Summer Series -OUTSIDE LINK- (finished)
Funny, silly, and cute. You WANT to read this.

Higher Learning (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Short Silly Fics: The Summer Series.

To Saving the World (finished)
A crossover with Vampire: The Masquerade. Uhh, just read it, good story.

Eternity Series (finished)
Spike returns to Sunnydale. Things have changed. Crossover with Highlander.

Spike's Reaction (finished)
Sequel to Northlight's Things Seen.


Kiss Me (finished)
Willows dancing with an unexpected audience

Lets Dance On (unfinished)
Sequel to Kiss Me.
part 1a | part 1b | parts 2-4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9-10 | part 11 | part 12-13 | part 14 | REVISED part 15 |


What in the world? (unfinished)
Willow's birthday is forgotten... so she does the one thing to ease her mind, she gets drunk (pwp fic).

The Next is Called (finished)
Faith is gone, so the next is called. Mostly Willow/Spike, tiny bit of Willow/Faith.
| parts one-four | parts five-six | part seven | part eight |

Going Home (finished)
Willow takes her lover home.

Reunion (finished)
The gang is at their 5-year reunion, and something goes terribly wrong.

Ashes and Dust (finished)
Spike mourns his lady love the best way he knows how.


Dark Thoughts (finished)
Willow reflects on the events of Lover's Walk.

Hope, Dreams, and Nightmares: Dark Desires (finished)
Continuation of Dark Thoughts.

Hopes, Dreams, and Nightmares: The Flip Side of Fear (unfinished)
Sequel to Dark Desires


Hard Learnt Lessons (finished)
Season 3 didn't happen, and Angel is still Angelus *g* Mostly Willow/Angel.

Have I Been Blind? (finished)
Sequel to Hard Learnt Lessons. Willow adjusts to her new position in the clan. W/A and W/S.

Lose Your Way (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Have I Been Blind'.
| part 1 |

Twisted Sisters

Changes (unfinished)
Willow decides she's had enough of the mousy life.


The Rescue (unfinished)
Spike makes a rescue.


Point of View (finished)
Its Friday the 13th and Willow is waiting for some bad luck to happen. And it does, in a '58 De Soto Firelite.

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