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Willow/Oz Fiction

The Authors of Willow/Oz Fiction Listed Alphabetically

Amy | Bitch Willow | Brian | Deborah | Isis | KCooper | Kristin | Kristy | Laura | Lisette | Moonshadow | Morphea | Ragna | Rebecca | Red | Rifka | Samantha | Serendipity | Star702112 | T J | Tori | Tracy | Viddy | WierdArchives


My Little World (finished)
Willow and Oz are getting married and Xander has some things he needs to tell Willow.

The Rest is Silence (finished)
Willow is dying and needs to make amends.

A Bedtime Story (finished)
Willow tells Oz a different story than the one she was reading in 'All Men Are Beasts'.

Close Enough (finished)
Oz's POV after 'Lover's Walk'.

Footsies (finished)
Willow and Oz have some under the table fun :)

In Your Arms Tonight (finished)
Willow makes a decision.

Moonlighting (finished)
Willow plans something special for Oz.

More Than I Expected (finished)
Oz's POV in the last few minutes of 'Phases'.

Phone Calls (finished)
Willow gets some late night phone calls.

Sandcastles (finished)
Some of the gang takes a trip to the beach.

His Only Tears (finished)
Gotta read it :)

Chrysalis (finished)
W/O, thats all I can say.

Butterfly Wings (finished)
Sequel to Chrysalis

Touch You Once (finished)
Willow and Oz go through a turbulent time in their relationship.

She Cries At Night (finished)
Oz's POV. Over the summer he has to deal with something he doesn't like.

My Whole Life (finished)
Oz's POV, in those last few minutes of WAH.

Bitch Willow

Armour (finished)
Willow thinks about Oz. (Pre-WAH)

Carrion (finished)
Willow walks in on Oz and Veruca. Takes place during Wild At Heart, sort of a w/o piece.


The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (finished)
Something bad happens to Willow and Oz.


Nature's Music (finished)
It may be raining, but that doesn't mean the picnic's not romantic.


Time to Say Goodbye (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Willow receives a letter. Mostly Willow thoughts with some Oz conversation.

Greater Love Hath No Man (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Willow is expecting Oz, someone else shows up. Sequel to Time to Say Goodbye.

Expectations (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Sequel to Greater Love Hath No Man.

Between Darkness and Light (unfinished) OUTSIDE LINK
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven | part eight | part nine | part ten | part eleven | part twelve | part thirteen | part fourteen
Sequel to Expectations.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hadley (finished)
The arrival of someone from Oz's past puts Willow and Oz's relationship to the test.


Perfect Moments (finished)
There is a full moon, and the gang gets a big surprise.


Salem's Bringing (unfinished)
Willow's life is being threatened by a witch hunter.


Ripples (finished)
How does Willow reacte to what she sees... and thinks? Sort of W/O... very angsty.


A Time to Mourn... A Time to Rejoice (unfinished)
Eight years later the slayerettes are still coming to terms with Willow's death, but then something truly unexpected happens.
prologue-two | parts three-four | part five (outside link)

Love Makes You Do the Unforgivable (finished)
Ten years after high school, can Oz and Willow be reconciled after they were torn apart?


Under the Light of the Blue Moon (finished)
Willow stumbles accross some interesting facts that effects her future as well as Oz's.
PG-13 Version | NC-17 Version


Hounds of Love (finished)
Willow/Oz pouty dream mush, Bushwacked. Retrospection on crack. Whee.


Willow and Oz's Fantasy (finished)
A Fantasy Island type theme, where al your fantasies come true.


The Interevention (finished)
Willow's a nympho!


When We Dance (finished)
Set 3 years after Homewcoming. Everyone is alone and listening to the same radio station.


A Lesson in Werewolves (finished)
Willow and the gang get a little lesson in werewolves.


Gratified (finished)
Anyanka's the patron saint of scorned women right? So what about the patron saint of scorned men?


Sandboxes (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
A cute, light fic.


A New Understanding (unfinished?)
Deals with Willow and Oz. The aftermath of Willow and Xander's smoochies, and Buffy decides to no longer see Angel.


His Father's Son (finished)
FutureFic. Willow's OB-GYN is in for a surprise in the delivery room.

Girlfriend Bails Out Werewolf (finished)
Tonight is a full moon. But Oz has bigger worries: he's been arrested.


Willow's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (finished)
A lil' bit of fluff from the past.


Common Ground (finished)
Something goes wrong on a full-moon, leaving Willow guilty and worried.

Hairy Slayage (finished)
When Buffy runs away, the Slayerettes have some interesting slayage moments.

Through Your Eyes (finished)
Willow makes an off-the-cuff remark that transforms her whole life.


Fate (unfinished)
Willow and Oz have love at first site... but there's trouble.
| part one (revised) | parts two-three |


The Blooding Bond (finished)
This is a rough draft. The real fleshed-out version will be out in a few months, along with it's complanion piece.

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