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Other Willow Fiction
(includes non-relationship and other unconventional 'ships)

The Authors of Other Willow Fiction Listed Alphabetically

Ahn | Ally | Amy | Ash | Bitch Willow | Cyn | Kathy | Lisette | Meredian | Michael | Ned | Pat Kelly | Rebecca | Rodrigo | Shelley | Tracy


Lots o Angelus bashing in this series. Don't get me wrong, i love Angelus, but its quite fun to see his ego get bruised. Also, this takes place during second season when Spike is in a wheelchair.

Conversation in the Ladies Room
This fic isn't centered on Willow, but she is a main character. More of a Buffy/Spike fic.
Spike and Angelus are told of a conversation between Buffy, Cordelia, and Willow in the ladies room.
Pure Sillyness :)

Drunken Antics
The girls get drunk and do something... haha, not gonna say :) Sequel to Conversation in the Ladies Room.

Saturday Night
Sequel to Drunken Antics. Think hangovers, and lots o stripping.

Chocolate Lust
Sequel to Saturday Night. Angelus plots revenge, but things don't go as planned. One of my favorite.

Back to the Ladies Room
Sequel to Chocolate Lust. Umm, hrm, well... JUST READ IT!! lots of goofiness, even some smoochies :)


Birthday Crack (finished)
A short little piece. Silly-fic.

I Won't Say (finished)
Song-fic. Willow and Buffy break into song. Disney style.


Present Tense (finished)
The gang gives Willow something she deserves that is long overdue. Incredible story. Its the sort where you want to cry, but aren't sure if it's because your happy or sad. Or at least, thats my interpretation.

Here Comes the Rain (finished)
Buffy's a little sad,. Willow and Giles want to help her. More of a B/A fic (won't see many of those here *g*).


We Like 'em Big and Undead (finished)
This fic has *no* Willow in it, or even mention of her, BUT its a funny song fic, and i couln't resist putting it up. Deals with Buffy/Angel, and Faith/Spike.

Too Good to Last (finished)
This is probably the *only* non-relationship fic here at Fever of Fate. Willow's thinks about Buffy and her new friendship with Faith.

The Next Time (finished)
Sequel to Too Good to Last. Makes this story the second non-relationship fic at Fever of Fate :)

Bitch Willow

Naturally Leads to Killing (finished)
During "Choices", what happened between the time the Mayor seperated Willow and Faith and when he gave Willow to the Scooby Gang?


Slayers Anonymous (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
General at the moment, but leading up to Willow/Angel.
| one-three | four-six | seven-eight |


Midnight Rendez-Vous (finished)
This actually deals with Willow and someone from another TV Show. Not saying who though, gotta read it to find out :)


A Time to Mourn... A Time to Rejoice (unfinished)
Eight years later the slayerettes are still coming to terms with Willow's death, but then something truly unexpected happens.
prologue-two | parts three-four | part five (outside link)

In Another's Shoes (unfinished)
Willow and Cordelia get the chance to be in someone elses shoes.


Leather Alley (finished)
A short fic based on the promo for The Wish. Slash, Willow/Other.


What Happens When Xander Thinks He's a Pimp (finished)
Ok, this is a bit strange. Not actually a story, but a comic, and a crude one at that. Lots of Xander-bashing. f/f content.

The Not So Long Lasting Adventures of Super Buffy (finished)
Another comic. Funny stuff. Crude character death, be warned.

Willow's Hawaiian Vacation (finished)
Another comic. Crude humor, again Buffy bashing... and also Mulder bashing :)


EvilCon (unfinished)
Not a Willow-centric story, but she is a main character. Read it, quite interesting.
| parts 1-4 | parts 5-6 |

Pat Kelly

Two of A Kind Love (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Starts during Becoming, Buffy's thoughts and realizations while watching over Willow. Takes off from there.


The Interevention (finished)
Willow's a nympho!


My Valentine (finished)
Future fic. Willow confesses her feelings for someone. B/W.


Local God (finished)
The Sunnydale Master hits the town.


Darkening My Doorstep (finished)
Willow makes an unexpected visit and gains a friend.

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