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The Authors of Willow/Giles Fiction Listed Alphabetically

Amy | Andrea | Angela | Ash | Athenna | Bagel | Gypsy | Isa | Johanna | Laura | LightLes | Monique | Serendipity | Skittles | Sylvia and Sean | Valjean


Violets Are Blue (finished)
No summary allowed. Have to read it :)

Sleeping Beauty (finished)
Giles deals with some feelings in his life.

A Window In Between (finished)
Willow realizes her feelings for Giles, but naturally there are things in the way.

Everything In Me (finished)
Giles' thoughts and feeling concerning Willow.


The Birthday Gift (finished)
Its Giles' birthday, and Willow's trying to find him a gift.

The Concert (unfinished)
Sequel to 'The Birthday Gift'.
| parts one-two | part three |

Let Me Thank You Properly (finished)
After Willow gets Giles the pages on the Ascension he decides to thank her.

Home Sweet Home Series (unfinished)
Due to a University mistake, Willow loses her housing and only has one place to live: Giles'.
Welcome Home, Willow
The First Morning
Everyone Has An Opinion

Not My Willow (finished)
Oz sends Willow a letter explaining things, and Giles accidently reads it.


Foray (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Lots o Willow/Giles goodness :) Long story, but worth the read.

Hypnotize the Moon (finished)
Song fic. Giles encounters Willow at a party.


I've Never Touched Her (finished?)
Giles reflects on all the things he will never do.


Sweetness in the Setting Sun (finished)
Takes place sometime in the future. Willow and Giles make plans.


Want (finished)
Willow comes to take what it is she really wants.


Cause it Happened (finished)
Willow and Giles at the library. It makes Willow think.


I Need You Tonight (finished)
Willow has problems. She casts a spell. She tells a story. W/G


The Letter (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Willow finally tells Giles how she feels about him, in the only way she knows how.


Imaginations and Estimations (finished)
Based on the rumor that Buffy walks into Giles' apartment to find another woman wearing his shirt.

Swearing to Surrender (finished)
Giles has a cold.

Disquiet Night (finished)
Giles and Willow ponder the consequences of Buffy giving Angel the ring.

What Do You See (finished)
What if it'd been Willow who had found Olivia in Giles' apartment?

Experience (finished)
Giles finds out about the man Willow is dating.

Kiss the Librarian (finished)
Ponders as to where that mug might have come from.

Inside Out Loud (finished)
Buffy's thoughts on Willow and Giles.

Invited (finished)

Innocence Lost (finished)

Trick, Treat, or Wish? (finished)
Its Halloween and things are wrong on the Hellmouth. Again.



Whatever It Takes (finished)
Story inspired by 'The Wish'. Willow/Giles

The Best Laid Plans (finished)
Willow, Giles, and the rest of the gang get lost while heading for a vacation.


At Last
Very sweet, READ IT!!

A Bridge Between
This one brought a tear to my eye. WARNING-deals with character death


Remember Me This Way OUTSIDE LINK (finished)
Giles thoughts.


Now We Know Why (unfinished) REVISED
Willow and Giles are brought together when Willow is attacked.

Sylvia Thomas and Sean Leistico

Overheard (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
Willow hears from a side of Giles she hadn't really thought about before.

Escape Clause (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
A magic lesson gone awry leads to a trial-by-fire for Giles and Willow.


Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (finished)
Serious mush.

Darkness Bound (finished)
Giles makes a deal, but is the price too high?

Defender's Inc. (finished)
While in LA Willow, Giles, and the rest of the scooby gang meet up with a different sort of slaying team.

We Are the Hollow Men (finished)
Sequel to Defenders Inc.

Where the Heart Is (finished)
Willow's been trying a new spell.

The Beginning (finished)
Willow and Giles meet for the first time.

Song of the Nightingale (finished)
This story is loosely based on the Japanese fairytale 'The Firefly'.

Ripe (finished)
... A few weeks after 'Something Blue'.

The Gift (finished)
Giles and holidays... ten years in the future.

Bottoms Up (finished)
Giles teaches Willow the dangers of drinking.

Hair of the Dog (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Bottoms Up'.

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