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Evil/Vamp Willow Fiction
(Stories using Vampire Willow from Dopplegangland/The Wish and stories which take place in that 'verse.)

The Authors of Evil Willow Fiction Listed Alphabetically

Amy | Bagel | Dreamer | Emmangel | Kitty | Laura | Misha | Northlight | Rae | Sailor Moon 1980 | Samantha | Tammy | Teri Leigh |


The Kiss (finished)
Willow's POV from 'The Wish' when Cordelia is killed.


Want (finished)
Willow comes to take what it is she really wants.

Charity a.k.a. BOB1

Puppy For Your Love (finished)
Takes place in the Wish 'verse. Angel reflects on stuff.


A New Start (finished)
How Willow, then Xander are turned into Vampires in The Wish 'verse.


Red and the Three Vampires (finished)
C'mon, you don't really need a summary do ya? This series (Heart and...Demon) does not necessarily involve VampWillow from The Wish 'verse. Though her character, attidude, etc is similar.

Red's Midnight Musings (finished)
Prequel to Red and the Three Vampires. Part of Heart and..Demon.

Night After the Morning Before (finished)
Takes place the morning/night after Red and the Three Vampires. Part 1 of Heart and...Demon.

Killing Time (finished)
Willow and Angelus try to go shopping. Sequel to The Night After... Part 2 of Heart and..Demon.

Immortal Desires (finished)
Part 3 of the Heart and... Demon series. Willow thanks Angelus for her presents.


A Lot More Leather (finished)
Xander turns Willow into a Vampire.


Terrible Night (finished)
Evil Willow from The Wish 'verse and her POV.

Numb (finished)
The gang's reaction to VampWillow. Various POVs.

Dolls (finished)
Willow's alternate from the Wishverse is brought to Sunnydale to throw chaos into Willow and Xander's relationship, when Willow makes a wish.

Sweet Victory (finished)
Takes place in The Wish 'verse. VampWillow turns Xander.


Confusion (finished)
VampWillow's musing in Dopplegangland

Loss (finished)
Xander's POV after meeting VampWillow.


Fun Now (finished)
Vampire Willow has some fun with Angel before she gets sent home.


Into the Darkness (finished)
Explores the evil side of Willow and Xander. Takes place during 'The Wish'.

Sailor Moon 1980

Gleaming in the Moonight (finished)
Willow and Xander in 'The Wish' 'verse discuss their future in Sunnydale.


Thinking Non-Thoughts (finished)
Scene from Dopplegangland when Willow is in leather. From Angel's POV.

Shatter (unfinished)
Alt. ending to I Will Remember You. Instead of finding Buffy, Angel heads to Sunnydale... and Willow.
| parts one-seven |


Lost Souls (finished)
Set in a version of The Wish universe.

Teri Leigh

Forever (finished)
Takes place in the Wish universe. Willow and Xander before they were vampires.

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