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Willow/Crossovers Fiction

The Authors of Willow/Crossover Fiction Listed Alphabetically

Ann | Ash | Dayna | Eshe | Lisa | Moonshadow | Neva"> | Rae | Reatha | RedThunder | Saber ShadowKitten | Samantha | Sarge | Tonesesa | Tori


The Guardian
Crossover with Dawson's Creek
Never Be the Same (finished)
Alternate timeline. Willow gets Angel out of Hell. He runs around nekkid, and somehow Pacey is involved.
Splainin' (finished)
Sequel to Never Be the Same. Its the morning after...
Out of Character (finished)
Third in The Guardian story. Before things get complicated, fun is had.


Different Shades of Darkness (unfinished)
Crossover with the motion picture 'The Labyrinth'
| part one-two |


Lost Girl
PG-13 version | NC-17 version
A crossover with Lost Boys
Willow is in need of help. Angelus can help...


Two Kinds of Immortality -previously untitled- (unfinished)
Crossover with Dawson's Creek Story named by Cacha
Willow has been secretly seeing our favorite soulless vamp, and conversing with another kind of immortal. Crossover with Highlander.
| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 |


Immortality: Past Imperfect (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
First in a series. Seven years before Willow died -- but did she really?

Immortality II: Masks Drop (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
Second in series.

Immortality III: Truths and Realizations (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
Third in series.

Immortality IV: Sweet Pain, Sweet Fear (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
Fourth in series.

Immortality V: The Truth Hurts (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
Fifth in series.

Immortality VI: Confession is Good For the Soul (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
Sixth in series.


When Belief is Awakened (finished)
Crossover with The X-Files
Not exclusively Willow, but she has a semi-main role.


Dreams? (unfinished)
Crossover with Highlander
Willow is having some unusual dreams, but could they be more than just dreams?
| part one-five |


The Time of Your Life (finished)
Crossover with 'Cupid'
Willow and Xander head off to college.


What's It Worth to You? (finished)
Crossover with Brimstone
The hunt for lost souls leads Stone to Sunnydale, and to a recently freed vampire.

Welcome Back, Willow (finished)
Crossover with Brimstone.
Sequel to 'What's it Worth to You?'.

Wicked Willow (finished)
Crossover with Kindred: The Embraced
Willow is targeted by Angelus, with some interesting consequences.

Wicked Willow Goes to the City (finished)
Crossover with Kindred: The Embraced
Sequel to 'Wicked Willow'.

Wicked Willow Meets Her Match (finished)
Crossover with Kindred: The Embraced and Forever Knight
Sequel to 'Wicked Willow Goes to the City'.

Wicked Willow Makes New Friends (unfinished)
Fourth in the Wicked Willow series. Sequel to Wicked Willow Meets Her Match.
| parts zero-one | part two | part three-four | part five-six | part seven-eleven |

Hell in High Heels (unfinished)
Crossover with Highlander
Takes place during The Zeppo when the gang was fighting the Hellmouth creature. This is how it could have gone very, very wrong.
parts one-three | part four

Red Thunder

Sunnydale I | book cover (finished)
Crossover with La Femme Nikita and The X-files
Willow is not a main character in this fiction, but she does become one in Sunnydale II

Sunnydale II: Freedom | book cover (finished)
Crossover with La Femme Nikita and The X-files
Willow is a main character in this fiction

Sunnydale III: Samantha | book cover (finished)
Crossover with La Femme Nikita and The X-files
Third in the series

Sunnydale IV: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Polite | book cover (finished!!)
Crossover with La Femme Nikita and Due South. Sorry folks, no X-files in this fic.
Though Willow is not in this fiction, I recommend it if you have read the first three Sunnydale stories.

Sunnydale V: The Watchers Council (finished)
Crossover with La Femme Nikita, The X-files, and Due South
Fifth in the series.

Saber ShadowKitten

Willow's Touch (finished)
This is a crossover with Highlander
Willow returns after being gone a very long time.

To Saving the World (finished)
A crossover with Vampire: The Masquerade
Uhh, just read it, good story.

Eternity Series (finished)
Crossover with Highlander
Spike returns to Sunnydale. Things have changed.


Of All Thy Race (unfinished)
Crossover with White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade.
Angel and Spike are kidnapped. Also deals with Buffy/Spike.


Redemption Day (finished)
Crossover with The Crow
Willow and Xander in a story about vengeance and a love stronger than the grave.


La Femme Willow (finished)
This is a crossover with La Femme Nikita
Willow is recruited by Section One. Buffy and friends go to the rescue, but does Willow want to be rescued?


How Angel Got His Soul Back (finished)
This is a crossover with Charmed.
Buffy and Willow meet the charmed ones after arriving in San Fransisco.

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