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Sequel to Late Practice.

New Beginnings (finished)
Willow and Angel think about each other.

Lullaby (finished)
Willow has to babysit and has an unexpected guest.

Last Dance (finished)
A slow-dance that dreams are made of.

The Child at Heart Co-written by Kate (unfinished)
The gang's been bewitched.

Out Of the Darkness (finished)
Willow has to pick up the pieces of her life.

Peanut Butter Waffles (finished)
Peanut Butter, Willow, Angel.. need I say more?

Aaliayah How I Spend My Summer (finished) Willow stays in Sunnydale during summer vacation. Angel shows up, someone special drops by, and wackiness ensues :)
Ally Late Practice (finished) Spawned from the idea, 'What if Willow was the Slayer instead of Buffy?'
BadGirl of Buffonia
Bitch Willow
Brenda and Mary
Charity aka BOB1
Erin M
Kali Ma
Karen U.
Kristen, Queen of Angst
Linzi Aurora
Mary Rose
Midnight Girl
Morgan R
Nancy H.B.
A HREF="#ragna">Ragna
Red Raven
Robin Coen
Teri Leigh
Twisted Sisters

Shadows of Dreams (unfinished)
Read me.


She's All I Ever Had (finished)
Angel and Willow find love together.

Los Angeles (finished)
Willow goes to LA... stuff happens ;)

Watching Willow (finished)
Willow is being watched by Angel and Spike.


The Guardian
Never Be the Same (finished)
Alternate timeline. Willow gets Angel out of Hell. He runs around nekkid, and somehow Pacey is involved.
Splainin' (finished)
Sequel to Never Be the Same. Its the morning after...
Out of Character (finished)
Third in The Guardian story. Before things get complicated, fun is had.
Stand by You & Behind Closed Doors (finished)
Fourth and Fifth in The Guardian story.
Part Six of The Gaurdian (finished)


To Have and Not Hold (finished)
Angel's POV on his 'relationship' with Willow.

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (finished)
Companion peice to 'To Have and Not Hold'.

Unanswered Prayers (finished)
Willow and Angel are together. Buffy's appearance brings about memories.

-Lure of the Shadows Series-

Good Intentions (finished)
Willow tries to help Buffy, things don't go completely as planned. Takes place during Season 2 when Angel is still Angelus (the evil dude).

Reactions (finished)
Sequel to Good Intentions. Starting is easy, stopping, now that can be difficult.

Ground Rules (finished)
Sequel to Reactions.

Testing the Limits (finished)
Sequel to Ground Rules. Willow and Angelus have achieved a delicate balance, will it last?
| parts 1-4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 |

-End Series-

Twilight (finished?)
Willow and someone meet. An almost song-fic.

When I Fall in Love (finished)
Starts out A/B, W/O but moves on to W/A (thankee!).


A Love Story Series (finished)
When a fateful prophecy, a hacker, and two feuding vampire's lives collide, the story of a lifetime begins.


Entangling Alliances co-written by Ruby (unfinished)
Spike has a problem that forces him to see out help from the Scooby Gang.

Bad Girl of Buffonia

Something in Common (finished)
Willow and Xander have, you guessed it, something in common!

Scents (finished)
Five Minute Fic. Angel helps Willow escape from a yucky lookin demon.

Demon... Angel... (finished)
Oh, just read it!

Friends... Lovers... (finished)
Sequel to Demon... Angel...

Hello... Goodbye... (unfinished)
Sequel to Friends... Lovers...

Sadness Shared (finished)
W/A. Title says it all.

Up Close and Smoochable (finished)
Y'know how Xander and Cordy are always getting stuck in the utility closet? Well, this time it isn't them in the closet :)

A Little Tough Love Goes a Long, Long Way (finished)
By Chance, Willow and Angel meet in LA. But the meeting is not a happy one... Willow has a terrible secret and Angel will do whatever it takes to help her out.

Bitch Willow

Deaf and Dumb With the Lights On (finished)
Angel looks back on his life in Sunnydale, and draws a few conclusions.


All Hell Broke Loose (finished)
The title kinda says it all.

The Daywalker Prophecy (finished)
Sequel to 'All Hell Broke Loose'.
| Parts 1-5 | Parts 6-7 | Part 8 | Parts 9-10 | Parts 11-12 | Parts 13-14 | Part 15 | Part 16-17 (end) |

Brenda and Mary

Knightout (unfinished) OUTSIDE LINK
Ever wonder what would happen if light and dark and all the rules were broken?


Tides of Love and Hate (unfinished)
Willow and Angel are forced to have a love/hate relationship due to... you guessed it! A prophecy!
| part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven-eight |

Uninvited (unfinished)
What if it was Willow's blood that was used to open a certain hellmouthy lawn ornament? A new spin on 2nd season's finale.

Charity a.k.a. BOB1

Puppy For Your Love (finished)
Takes place in the Wish 'verse. Angel reflects on stuff.


Unraveled (finished)
Willow takes a trip... to the past.

Contribution (finished)
Sequel to Unraveled.
| part 1 | part 2 | part 3-5 | part 6-8 | part 9-10 | part 11 |


The Agency (unfinished)
Willow has changed.


Science and Alchemy (finished)
Futuristic story where Angel, after a long time of searching, finally finds Willow.... and thats all I'm going to say :)

Threat or Promise (finished)
One of Doyle's visions has Angel helping Willow in Las Vegas.

Path Less Traveled Series (finished)


My Favourite Dreams of You (finished)
Willow gets Angel out of hell with not so hilarious (but interesting) consequences.


Mad As A March Vampire (finished)
Willow asserts her independence and gets into trouble

Spring Fever (finished)
Sequel to mad As A March Vampire.

April's Fools (unfinished)
Sequel to Spring Fever, which is a sequel to Mad As A March Vampire.


Slayers Anonymous (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
General at the moment, but leading up to Willow/Angel.
| one-three | four-six | seven-eight |


A Snowball's Chance In Hell (unfinished)
How can a favor for a friend snowball into a series of lies which turns the Scooby Gang's lives upside down?
| part one-five | part six-eight | part nine-eleven | part twelve-fourteen | part fifteen-eighteen |


Heart of Glass (finished)
Buffy took off, and Angel never lost his soul. But when Buffy comes back... well things get rough for Willow.

Bad Can Be Good (finished)
Willow is left behind.

Center Fold Angel (finished)
Angel loses a bet.

Eternal Enemy (finished)
A new enemy to the scooby gang comes for Willow.

Home Again (finished) Sequel to Eternal Enemy
Angel and Willow decide it is time to stop hiding and face the future.

Lost Girl (finished)
PG-13 version | NC-17 version
Crossover with Lost Boys. Willow needs help. Angelus can give it to her.

The Truth Hurts (finished)
Buffy has realized what she has lost when another discovers it.

Shades of Love (finished)
The arrival of two strangers bring Willow and Angel's relationship to light.

Principal Revulsion (finished)
We always knew Snyder was a bad bad little man.

Know Thy Enemy (finished)
No summary. Read it.

Look Away (finished)
Buffy's POV. Her account... of something, read it :)


Dirty Dancing Challenge
Willow and Angel set in the film Dirty Dancing. This also involves some Cordelia/Giles.

Changes (finished)
Willow decides she's had enough of the mousy life.


Fallen Angel (finished)
It's Christmas, and Willow goes looking for the perfect gift for Angel.

Willow's Secret (unfinished)
Willow goes to visit Angel on Boxing Day

The Wedding Series (finished)
Sillyfic! Read it!!

Everything Changes (finished)
Willow and Angel get caught in a storm

A Fairytale Princess (finished)
A new twist on an old tale

Red and the Three Vampires (finished)
Beginning of the Heart and...Demon series.

Red's Midnight Musings (finished)
Prequel to Red and the Three Vampires. Part of Heart and..Demon.

Night After the Morning Before (finished)
Takes place the morning/night after Red and the Three Vampires. Part 1 of Heart and...Demon.

Killing Time (finished)
Willow and Angelus try to go shopping. Sequel to The Night After... Part 2 of Heart and..Demon.

Immortal Desires (finished)
Part 3 of the Heart and... Demon series. Willow thanks Angelus for her presents.

Turn Back Time (unfinished)
| Part One | part two | part three | part four | part five-six | part seven |
Willow has a rendezvous with her future, not to mention Angel's.

Chain Reactions (finished)
Willow's a little tied up...

The Forbidden Love Series (finished)
Healing Love
Please Forgive Me
Don't Leave Me
Time Stopped Still
Re-Surfacing Feelings
Various episodes seen through Angel's POV.

Brimstone (finished)
Angel's thoughts and regrets about Willow while he's in Hell. Part one of the Images, Dreams, and Feelings Series.

Sleepless Nights (finished)
Companion piece to Brimstone. Willow's POV. Part two of the Images, Dreams, and Feeling Series.

Promises (finished)
Willow's on a mission. Part three of the Images, Dreams, and Feelings Series.

Lonely No More (finished)
Fourth in the Images, Dreams, and Feelings Series.

D.I.Y. Hell (finished)
Buffy and Xander are hearing strange things from Willow's room.

Practice Makes Perfect (finished)
Willow and Angel go bowling.

Regretful Past (finished)
Ten years ago Buffy left Sunnydale. Now she's returning. But will things ever be the same?

Unguarded Thoughts (finished)
Buffy's new gift uncovers a secret.

Eternity (finished)
Its New Years Eve and Willow's over-thinking has gotten her into trouble.
| part one-three | part four | Part five


Don't Deny It (finished)
Willow thinks about who she really wants to be with.

Whom I Want (finished)
Angel thinks about who he really wants to be with. NOT a companion piece of any sort to 'Don't Deny It'

Christmas Wishes (finished)
Angel gets in the Christmas Spirit. Pure fluff.

Erin M.

Resolved (finished)
Before Angel leaves for LA he stops by to see Willow.
| part one-two | part three | part four | part five | part six |


Late (finished)
Angel is late for a very important date.

Early? (finished)
Angel arrives early for once. Sequel to 'Late'.


Two Kinds of Immortality -previously untitled- (unfinished)
Story named by Cacha
Willow has been secretly seeing our favorite soulless vamp, and conversing with another kind of immortal. Crossover with Highlander.
| part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 |

Unnamed Series (unfinished)
Haunting Me
Hurting Me
Jealous Me
I Thought?
Bad Repercussions
Making Things Right
NEW Making Up
NEW Busted
Willow/Angel piece that starts out at The Bronze.

Returning Friends (unfinished)
Things are definitely different.


Thankyou (finished)
Read the title, its pretty self-explanatory.

Bitter Sweet Betrayal(finished)
When Buffy commits the ultimate betrayal, Willow finds her altered forever.


The Hell Series
Terrific story. Nuff said, read it!

    Hell on the Body
        1st in the series. Angel's thoughts while in Hell. This story includes Angel owies.

    Hell on the Soul
        2nd in the series. Angel's soul makes a painful journey.

    To Hell and Back
        3rd in the series. Despite Angel's warning, Willow brings him back from Hell.

    The Road Back From Hell
        4th in the series. A little fluff piece about Willow and Angel's growing friendship.

    The Cold From Hell
        5th in the series. Another fluff piece.

    I'd Follow You Into Hell
        6th in the series. Final fluff piece, Angel gets a rude awakening.

    The Hell In Wanting
        7th in the series. By popular demand...

    You Forgot to Mention Hell Horatio (unfinished) OUTSIDE LINK
        This is a crossover with Highlander, it takes place in the 'hell series' universe.
            | parts 1-5 | parts 6-10 | part 11-13 | part 14a | part 14b-d | part 15a-b | part 15c-d |

Jane and Octamercur

Nicolas (unfinished) OUTSIDE LINK
Angel finds an interesting package at the mansion.


I Forgot To Tell You (finished)
Short semi-angsty Willow/Angel piece.

Jessica (willowBBF)

St. Patricks Day Series (unfinished)
This takes off after Saber ShadowKittens "Puppy". It is a Willow/Angel fic, but then again its not.... read it to see what I mean!

Rebuilding Dreams (unfinished)
Sequel to Dayna's Heart of Glass. Angel goes in search of Kane and Willow.

Kali Ma

Undiscovered Talent (unfinished)
Willow finally learns to fight with a little help from a friend.
new! part four

Karen U.

From the Ashes (finished)
Willow's heritage comes back to haunt her. Can Angel save her?

Kiss the Flame (finished)
Sequel to 'From the Ashes'.

Eternal Flame (finished)
Sequel to Kiss the Flame.

Slow Burn Series (finished)
Rewind the clocks - this occurs in Seaseon 2, after Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.
Warming Up
A Single Spark
Where There's Smoke
Fanning the Flame
Burnt Out
Rising Flame
Burning Bright
An Errant Spark
Dousing the Flame
A Flicker of Hope

A Few Good Things Remain (finished)
Angel returns to Sunnydale for Buffy's wedding and runs into Willow.

Silence Speaks (finished)
Something horrible has happened to Willow. Can Angel and Co. help her?

 I Was Looking For You (unfinished)
When Xander is kidnapped . Willow, Buffy, Spike and Anya make the trip to LA to find him. Contains W/A, B/D, C/S, X/Anya. Implied B/A, W/O, X/F. (unfinished)


How it Happened (unfinished)
The story of how Willow and Angel got together.
| parts one-six |


A Watcher's Decision (finished)
This is a short story from Giles POV on the relationship of Willow and Angel.

Stargazing (finished)
Willow and Angel discuss their natures while stargazing.

Street Fair (finished)
Sequel to Stargazing.

May as Well Wish for the Moon (finished)
Takes place early Season One. Willow's POV.


A Bit Odd(Outside Link)
Willow goes to LA and surprises Angel.


Sightless (unfinished)
An alternate ending to 'Choices'. Where Faith and the Mayor kidnap Willow.
| parts one-five |

Kristen, Queen of Angst

I Will Remember You (unfinished)
This is set 5 years in the future. Angel and Cordy return to Sunnydale to help Buffy battle an evil force but arrive too late to save Buffy. Don't forget the tissue box!!
| prologue | part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven-nine | part ten | part eleven | part twelve-thirteen | part fourteen |

Lady Myst

Trials of Love (unfinished)
A Silent protector steps out of the darkness and into Willow's life. Nothing will ever be the same.
| one | two |

Fate (finished)
A love that is fated starts when Angelus is still human.


Homecoming (finished)
A Willow/Angel romance which takes place 8 years in the future.

Me and You... (finished)
A terrific Willow/Angel story, must read!

Linzi Aurora

The Discovery (finished)
Willow's discovery in her garden leads to a prophecy that will ether bind the Slayer and the Slayerettes together or tear them apart


When I Count To (finished)
Short and sweet , Willow and Angel go to the prom.

Mary Rose

Changes and Choices (unfinished)
W/A story that takes place in the future.


Shattered (finished)
Willows raped, and everyone has to deal with the consequences.
Warning: deals with rape.
| parts one-six | part seven | part eight | part nine-ten | part eleven a | part eleven b-epilogue |

Prophesized Love Co-written by Ruby (unfinished)
Willow is trapped with Angelus... but is it really Angelus?

This is One Great Vacation (unfinished)
You've got to read it to find out what its about :)
| part one |


Beltane Fire (finished)
Spawned from a challenge to use this quote: "Oh dark prince, come fill me with your black, naught evil!"

Fires Still Burning (finished)
Sequel to Beltane Fire.

Fires Banked (finished)
Sequel to Fires Still Burning.

Fires Banked Revisited (finished)
This is a different version than above. This is what happens when Willow makes the opposite decision.

Midnight Girl

A Cure for the Common Cold (unfinished)
Angel finds Willow sick and alone. He makes one heck of a nurse.
| part one |

Heat Wave
Willow's in LA and it's a heatwave. Don't take a genius to figure out what happens next!!!

Morgan R

Something Offered (unfinished?)
A Willow/Angel friendship (maybe more?) fiction.

Never (finished)
You know how when you think, you sometimes have two levels of thoughts, one that is the main level, and sometimes the second reprimands you for the primary thoughts you are thinking? If you can make sense of that, this is kind of like that.

The Return (finished)
Angel surprises the gang.

Traveler (finished)
How Angel gets back.

Omitted (unfinished)
Angel needs taken care of, Willow to the rescue!

The Elsewhere (unfinished)
Willow visits Angel in L.A. to help out on a case. They end up going through a portal-type thing.
| parts one-four | parts five-seven | part eight | part nine | part ten-eleven | part twelve-thirteen | part fourteen-fifteen |

If Only (finished)
What if Xander had told Buffy about the spell Willow was performing in Becoming?

Nancy H.B.

Betrayal of the Past, Promise of the Future (unfinished)
Willow comes back to Sunnydale since the first time she left after High School, and being betrayed.


The Mouse Has Teeth (unfinished)
Willow discovers that Buffy is gone, and will do anything to get her back. Set before season 3.
| part one-eleven | part twelve | part thirteen | part fourteen-fifteen |


Dreams? (unfinished)
Willow is having some unusual dreams, but could they be more than just dreams? Crossover with Highlander.
| part one-five | part six | parts seven-nine |


Friday the 13th (finished)
Willow tells Angel about her day.

The Love of An Innocent (finished)
A prophecy draws Willow, Angelus, Spike, and Dru together.

Dancing and Rubber Duckies (finished)
Fluff, very much so.


Hot as Hell Series (unfinished)
Angelus/Willow series.
Burning Brightly
Dying Down


Willows got a secret admirer.


Innocent Sacrifice (finished)
The future depends on Willow.
| parts one-eleven | part twelve | part thirteen-fourteen | part fifteen-seventeen | part eighteen-twenty |

Made In Hell (unfinished)
Willow has returned. Sequel to Innocent Sacrifice.
| part one-seven | part eight |

Open Your Eyes (finished)
It's Willow's turn to be dense.
| part one and two | part three | part four | part five |

Evil Can Wreck Havoc on a Relationship (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Open Your Eyes'.
| parts one-two | parts three |

Happy New Year, My Friend (finished)
Celebrating the New Year...

Dark Lullaby
A very dark fic. Angelus chases Willow.


Tears in Heaven (finished)
This can be seen as a Willow/Spike, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel, or Willow/Angel. Whichever couple you prefer.

Dark Souls (unfinished)
Angelus' actions had a large impact on Willow.
| parts 1-4 | parts 5-7 | part 8 |

Fun Now (finished)
Vampire Willow has some fun with Angel before she gets sent home.

Unwelcome Truths (finished)
Angel has some news for Buffy that she isn't going to appreciate.

Twisted, Broken, and Rebuilt (finished)
Angelus is gone, but the memories he shared with Willow remain.

This is How it Happened (finished)
Xander and Buffy give their views on how Angel and Willow got together. <archivist's note: READ THIS!>

Watch Them Fall (finished)
Buffy isn't quite as unobservant as she's often portrayed.

Penance: Everything I Am (finished)
Willow's guilt leads her to make a lifetime commitment.

Penance: Downward Spiral (finished)
Part two. The next morning.


Mirror Images (finished)
Willow makes an unpleasant discovery.


Another Night on the Hellmouth (finished)
You've got Willow/Angel, Spike/Anya, and Buffy/Oz in this story.


What's It Worth to You? (finished)
The hunt for lost souls leads Stone to Sunnydale, and to a recently freed vampire. Crossover with Brimstone.

Welcome Back, Willow (finished)
Sequel to 'What's it Worth to You?'. This is more of a Willow/Spike peice.

Wicked Willow (finished)
Willow is targeted by Angelus, with some interesting consequences.

Wicked Willow Goes to the City (finished)
Sequel to 'Wicked Willow'. Crossover with Kindred: The Embraced.

Wicked Willow Meets Her Match (finished)
Sequel to 'Wicked Willow Goes to the City'. Crossover with Kindred: The Embraced.

Wicked Willow Makes New Friends (unfinished)
Fourth in the Wicked Willow series. Sequel to Wicked Willow Meets Her Match.
| parts zero-one | part two | part three-four | part five-six | part seven-eleven |

Red Raven

Untitled (finished)
Willow and Angel meet in the future. The very distant future.


Revelations (co-written by Free) (unfinished)
This is just strange, never read anything like it...

Hands of Death (finished)
This is sort of a crossover with the computer game Resident Evil.


Called Into Service (unfinished)
Willow and Angel team up to fight the forces of darkness.


I Can't Do This Series (finished)
Willow is sporting a new dress, Angel appreciates it.

Sick and Tired (finished)
Willow's sad and cold.

Entangling Alliances Co-written by Avenzuli (unfinished)
Spike has a problem that forces him to see out help from the Scooby Gang.

Prophesized Love Co-written by Meg (unfinished)
Willow is trapped with Angelus... but is it really Angelus?

Soul's Seduction (finished)
Oh. Wow. This one has left me speechless. A must read!

To Comfort Her (finished)
Willow has a secret, Angel is determined to find it out.
| parts 1-5 | parts 6-9 |

Personal Demons (finished)
Willow discovers she's being watched. Willow/Angel and Willow/Spike content.
| part one | part two-five | part six | parts seven-nine | parts ten-eleven | parts twelve-fourteen (end) |

Saber ShadowKitten

Abracadabra Series (finished)A terrific Willow/Angel Series

Willow's Touch (finished)
Willow returns to Sunnydale after being gone a long time. Xover with Highlander.

The Game Series (finished!!)
Mostly Buffy/Spike, but the later stories deal with Willow/Angel. Definitely one of my favorite series.

Puppy (finished)
A 'what if' story where alternate Angel from the Wish returns instead of Evil Willow in Dopplegangland. Not exactly Willow Fic, but it leads the way for Jessica's St. Patricks Day series.

Family Dinner (finished)
Short story, very cute. Also deals with Buffy/Spike.


Faded (finished)
It's been sixty years since Angel left. My how things have changed.

Forgiveness (finished)
Angel crawls out of the pit of Hell, and guess who he turns to for help.

Numbers (finished)
Willow helps fix Angel's computer. She finds some pretty interesting stuff in it. (PWP)

The Gauntlet (finished)
Sequel to Numbers. Willow wakes up, Buffy calls, Angel gets frisky, wackiness ensues! (PWP)

Thinking Non-Thoughts (finished)
Scene from Dopplegangland when Willow is in leather. From Angel's POV.

Of All Thy Race (unfinished)
Angel and Spike are kidnapped. Crossover with White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. Also deals with Buffy/Spike.

Identity (finished)
Short vignette. Willow's POV.

Stars Directing (finished)
At a New Year's Eve 1999 party, secrets are revealed, and wackiness ensues.

Beast Within Series (unfinished)
Takes place during Beauty and the Beasts, when Angel returns from hell.
NEW Unlabouring Stars

Cat and Mouse Series (unfinished)
Started with Strange Mixture. 5 new stories added to series.
NEW Closets

Nightly Visitations (unfinished)
The Change
Spilled Perfume
Once Upon A December
Hold On To Me
Series of stories where Angel and Willow repeatedly encounter the one another.

Shatter (unfinished)
Alt. ending to I Will Remember You. Instead of finding Buffy, Angel heads to Sunnydale... and Willow.
| parts one-seven |

Never Came Down (finished)
Willow visits Angel in LA.

If I Cry (finished)
Willow and Angel talk. Sequel to Never Came Down.

Unexpected Opportunity (finished)
Alt. ending to I Will Remember You. Instead of finding Buffy, Angel heads to Sunnydale... and Willow.


Falling For Willow (finished)
Willow gets sick of being treated the way she is.

Getting Personal (unfinished?)
Willow finally decides to show everyone that she's got guts.


Forever in My Heart (unfinished)
Willow and a whole big mess of things!
| parts one-three | part four-a |


When Stars Collide (finished) OUTSIDE LINK
When a lonely slayerette gives an angel his soul back, she soon finds out she'll lose her heart in the bargain.

A Day in Your Shoes (unfinished) OUTSIDE LINK
Sequel to When Stars Collide.

Protector  (unfinished)
How much is Willow willing to sacrifice to fulfill her destiny?
| parts 1-5 | parts 6-10 | part 11 | part 12 | part 13 | part 14 |


What in the world? (finished)
Willow's birthday is forgotten... so she does the one thing to ease her mind, she gets drunk (PWP fic).

Parent's Night Out (finished)
Multi-ship story. Not much else I can say without spoiling it...


Kiss Me (finished)
Willow is dancing with an unexpected audience.

Lets Dance On (unfinished)
Sequel to Kiss Me.
part 1a | part 1b | parts 2-4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9-10 | part 11 | part 12-13 | part 14 | REVISED part 15 |

Looking Forward, Holding Back (finished)
Willow/Angel angst.

Lucky Charms (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Looking Forward, Holding Back'.
parts one-seven | parts eight-nine |


Passion Play (finished)
Angelus has a new obsession. Deals with Rape/Violence

Alone in the Crowd (finished?)
Sequel to passion Play. Everyone (including Angel) has to come to terms with what has happened.

Lost Souls (finished)
Set in a version of The Wish universe.


Outside Eternity (unfinished)
Buffy and Xander are dead and it's up to Angel to pick up the pieces of Willow's life as well as uncover her deadly secret.

Teri Leigh

Salvation (unfinished)
Must read!


Thank You (finished)
Angel thanks Willow... its about time!


Hard Learnt Lessons (finished)
Season 3 didn't happen, and Angel is still Angelus *g*

Have I Been Blind? (finished)
Sequel to Hard Learnt Lessons. Willow adjusts to her new position in the clan. Also a Willow/Spike Fiction.

Lose Your Way (unfinished)
Sequel to 'Have I Been Blind'.
| part 1 |

The Best Revenge (unfinished)
A heart broken Willow is attacked while out alone.  Guess who comes to her rescue.

Oz Did What!? (finished)
Oz has been less than faithful to Willow. Or has he? Not all is as it seems...

Twisted Sisters

Changes (finished)
Willow decides she's had enough of the mousy life.
| parts one-eight | parts nine-twelve |


When it Counts (finished)
Willow and Angel, have a connection.


Wet Kitten (unfinished)
Willow decides to go out and have some fun. Fun decides to have some Willow.


The Mysidian Legend (finished)
Amidst a new prophecy, the Scooby gang come together for the ultimate battle, and discover a thing or two about themselves and each other along the way.

As the Hellmouth Turns (finished)
What does Angel do during the day when he's all by himself? Willow's about to find out.

Shadows of the Past (finished)
Willow left Sunnydale to become a part of the NYPD.  Out of nowhere, Angelus appears...


Difficult Choices (finished)
Willow is forced into helping Angelus... kill Buffy?

Damning Consequences (unfinished)
Sequel to Difficult Choices


Innocent Soul (finished)
Too short for a summary.

Kind Soul (finished)
Sequel to Innocent Soul.

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