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Every effort is made to verify the truth of the content here, but nonetheless treat them with a pinch of salt!

If you would like to contribute to the spoilers please email me and I will put them up.

There are rumors floating around that next season, Angel is going to become a huge part of Xander's life...probably as his sire! Hi In the latest edition of btvs magazine(in the uk) it says that Alyson Hanniganis dating Alexis Denisof  and that they have been seeing each other for a while, they plan to got to Africa for a holiday as soon as they both can schedule it. I just thought that you might like to know whisper I've heard that there might be in season 5 the possibilty of either a willow/spike pairing or a tara/Xander pairing. This is meant to put some friction between Tara and Willow! Aliens and the possibilty of alien life forms, according to one of my sources may be explored next season. Also possibility of the slayer actually being ALIEN!!! Willow's relationship with Tara is not going to go down well with Tara's mother next season. She might even try to kill Willow! -OK this is little weird! Spike will betray the Scooby gang in the Yoko Factor, by siding with Adam to split the group so Buffy can be defeated easier.
Anya may die. (Yipee!!) or it could be Oz. (yikes!)
Angel (and Cordelia) is going to come to Sunnydale to try and win Buffy back, but it doesn't work and she chooses Riley over him. (This is going to end the Buffy/Angel saga once and for all).
Xander is finally going to face his home problems.
Something is going to happen to Willow (either this season or next season) that's going to affect how she sees the rest of the gang.
The actress who plays Tara has been signed on for next season
The actress who plays Faith (the second slayer) is currently in talks to become either a regular or a recurring cast member. (After her excellent performance in Five by Five who can blame them!). Faith is NOT going to be a love interest for Angel.
Now I'm not so sure about this one but here goes. Apparently Alyson Hannigan(Willow) is dating Alexis Denisof (Wesley!). They've been seeing each other for some time according to my source...interesting.
Angel is going to face a huge crisis (next season) and this will affect Cordelia and Wesley in a huge way.