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Site News

Hi Folks, this is the new and (hopefully) improved front page. I know I've been messing around these past few months what with irregular updates and messy formats/links but it was because I wasn't used to dealing with a site written by someone else. It's like trying to figure out how to build a Rolls-Royce using a Citroen's parts!!

Now that the site is changed hopefully my updates will become more frequent and substantial.

Right, now down to business, this site requires your browser to be FRAMES and JAVASCRIPT compatible. If it is not then I am afraid you will not be able to view it. If that is a problem just visit Netscape or Internet Explorer's homepages and I'm sure you'll be able to get a free up to date browser!!

Navigation of my site is easy-

FANFIC (the link on the top most window) has all the fanfiction archivd on this site. It is also where I shall add my updates too-as well as keep the recommended stories and story of the week archives. The author's list shall go up there too eventually.
FAN-ART is where I'm going to add all the manipulated graphic pics you send in. The current competition's pics will all go up there eventually.
CHALLENGES is where I shall put all the challenges you wonderful people send me. Soon I am also going to archive Challenge fic in that section too!

The frame to your left hand side is all the other stuff in this archive that is not directly fic related. Please note that when I am finished, this as well as the top frame will appear in all pages except the actual story ones. I can't stand reading a story with a frame to the side of it, so I can't put you through that too!!

Please give me some more time to change the archive layout-I'm almost finished and nagging will rush me into making a poor job!-(you saw the state of the last update didn't you??). Anyway for now I am keeping the old updates page for you to browse through, as I still haven't added the fic into the archive proper-(I know Bad Azul!)

Have fun looking through this site! and keep submissions coming!

Luv Azul