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Title: The Lost Diaries of Willow Rosenburg

Author: Femvamp

Spoilers: Everything is fair game. And I mean everything.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. The all powerfull Josh does, oh and Fox does too. Don't

sue. I don't own anything anyway.

Summary: In the future a slayer finds a journal written by Willow and it changes her life.

Distribution: Want it. Ask I'll probably say yes. Just gimme credit



Chapter 1


Tasha Green had just finished slaying the last vampire of the night. She was tired. It had been a tough night. Six vampires, six kills. It was time to go home.

Tasha Green lived with her Watcher Tomas Monroe. Tasha liked Tomas. He was a nice guy. Then again, he was the only guy. Tasha wasn't allowed to have any male friends. Hell she wasn't allowed any friends. When she asked why, the only answer she got was, because I said so.

Tasha walked through the graveyard and then through an old burnout building that had once been the town highschool. After the school had been blown up the school board had decided to move the school to another location. Tasha, not knowing exactly why wandered through the school. She was about to turn around and go home when she entered a room that looked like it had once been a library.

Tasha walked in. She didn't know why but she walked in. Suddenly like something had hit her, she felt a pain in her head. It was like nothing she had ever felt before and just as suddenly the pain subsided. When she opened her eyes everything had changed. The library, which had been empty and desolate, was now filled with books and life.

Tasha saw a group of people sitting around a table staring talking and laughing. Tasha was too far away to hear so she walked closer.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"Well I got the spell right, and Giles helped me with it."

Giles? Giles was a watcher. Tasha knew that. She searched her memory until she came up with a name. Buffy. Buffy Summers was his slayer. Tasha remembered what Tomas had said about Buffy. He said that Buffy was a rogue slayer. She had cut her ties to the Watchers Council. Tasha frowned.

Then the room began to spin and Tasha fell down to her knees. When the room stopped spinning Tasha got up and the scene was back to what it had been. Everything was the same. Everything except that a single book was laying on the floor beneath her feet.

Chapter 2

Tasha looked at the book for a moment. A sudden burst of fear nearly made her run in the other direction. It took all Tasha's strength to move her hand toward the book. Just as she was about to touch the book it opened. Tasha looked at the page it opened to.

Dear Slayer

If you are reading this then you are a slayer. If you are reading this then you are alone. The spell I cast made sure of that. That is if the spell worked. My powers are still in their infancy so I can't be sure if it worked or not. Oh well. Hears to hoping.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Willow Rosenburg. Like that will mean anything to you... Or maybe it will. Either way, I ask that you read this journal it may come in handy in your battles.

Just one more thing. This is a biggie. Don't trust the Watcher's Council. They will betray you. Don't trust your own watcher. He will betray you. Then again he may be like Giles and love you like his own. It's up to you to decide.

It's your destiny. Don't let anyone decided it for you.

Willow Rosenburg - friend to Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer.

When Tasha finished reading she took a breath. It had been the first breath she had taken since she began to read. She had heard of Willow Rosenburg. Willow was put in the same category as Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles. They were considered dangerous examples of what happens when you go against the Watcher's council.

Tasha had been taught early about Buffy Summers and her friends. Tasha wasn't stupid, she knew full well why she wasn't allowed friends. Buffy Summers was that reason.

Tasha picked up the book and brought it to the corner of the room and sat down against the wall and opened the journal to the next page. Tasha wasn't sure why she did this. Part of her wanted to run home to her watcher but a bigger part of her wanted to know what happened to the infamous Scooby Gang.

Chapter 3

The first couple of dozen pages were pretty boring. It told the story of Willow's early childhood. A boy by the name of Xander Harris was nearly always there. He was Willow's best friend, her confidant, her love. The pages told of unrequited love. Xander viewed Willow as a sister not as a girl. Willow knew this and occasionally the words in her journal showed the pain in this.

The pages also told of a girl named Cordelia Chase. The popular girl in school and how Xander had the major hots for her, at least when he wasn't hating her. Cordelia was a cruel girl who loved to torture Willow and Xander. The journal told of how Cordelia was the most popular girl in school and how her favorite targets were Willow, Xander and (), Xander's other friend.

Then the story changed. Tasha turned the page and everything had changed for Willow. At one point Willow was talking about Xander and the next her world had changed. She had met Buffy Summers.

The new girl in school talked to me. She actually talked to me. Her name is Buffy Summers. Funny name but she is from LA so maybe its not such a funny name. No worse then Willow. Buffy spoke to me. Yeah it was only to ask for my help in school, but she spoke to me. Then Queen C came over and pulled her away. I just hope that Buffy doesn't turn into one of Cordelia's cronies.

Tasha turned the next page.

Today I almost died. Buffy saved me. A vampire? God this is all so weird. Buffy a vampiure slayer, and that new librarian is her watcher. What is a watcher anyway? Oh well I guess I'm gonna find out.

Tasha smiled at Willows innocence. Tasha never had such innocence herself, she had always known about her destiny. Tasha turned the next page.

Well the world didn't end. Xander, Buffy, Giles, and I saved the world. Too bad we did it before that vampire guy sucked Cordelia dry. Oh well, you can't have everything.

It's just so weird. The world almost ended and no one but us knows it.

Tasha continued to read through the journal. She read about how Buffy fell in love with a vampire named Angel. How Giles fell in love only to be betrayed and lost the woman he loved to an evil Angel. She read about Xander and his misadventures in the romance. She read about Willow's first love. A boy who turned out to be a werewolf. Tasha read about how Buffy had send Angel to Hell to save the world. She read about the second slayer and how she died.

When Tasha had gotten to the part of the second slayer's death, she realized that she was crying. Tasha had never cried. Never once in her life had she shed a tear. Emotions were bad when you dealt with death everyday. But the story she was reading. It was like it was her own. Tasha felt every pang of sadness that they felt. Every joy she felt every love she felt, every sorrow. It was like it was hers.

Tasha continued to read the story. She read about Angel's return, the mayor. His Assention. She read about Faith, another slayer. She read about how faith betrayed them all and went to work for the mayor who was trying to take over the world. She read about Giles and how he betrayed Buffy and how she forgave him.

Today Buffy quit the Watcher's council. That dork Wesley tried to keep her here. Like he can do that. Buffy has a mind of her own and she is too much for Watcherboy. Oooh was that mean..well good. You should have seen the look on Giles' face when Buffy quit. Priceless. A father's love... yeah right. That isn't a father's love I saw.

Tasha laughed. She had heard about what happened the day when Buffy Summers had quit the Watcher's council. There had been a big uproar. Both Faith and Buffy were gone. Faith had switched sides and Buffy and simply walked away. It took a long time for the Council to recover.

Tasha continued to read. She read about graduation day and how they had to blow up the school to stop the mayors Assention. She read how the entire school helped. She read about how Buffy nearly died trying to save Angel. She read about all the losses of the battle, about all the people that died that day.

Tasha looked up and finally understood what scared her about the now dead school. It had been Buffy Summers home. It had been her safe place. It had been her family. The school., for all intents and purposes had been another member of the Scooby Gang.

Tasha cried a single tear for the school and then continued reading. The pages told about their first days in college. About the growing love Willow felt for Oz. About Angel's leaving and about Cordelia finding her way to Angel and how they were both happy. They weren't lovers but they were still a family. It told about Giles' efforts to find himself. It told about Xander and an ex-demon named Anya. The same ex-demon that had sent Cordelia to an alternate reality in which Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale.

Tasha remember reading about that. She smiled at the though. An evil Willow. A Vampire Willow. Tasha had never really known Willow Rosenburg but the though still made her laugh. Tasha continued to read.

Oz slept with Veruca. I can't believe it. I found them together. He told me he had to., There was no choice. Damn him. Damn her. There's always a choice. If life has taught me anything its that. There is always a choice. But Veruca is a werewolf like Oz. That's why he slept with her. That and to get back at me for what happened with Xander.

The next page was even worse.

Oz left. He left me alone. He went off to find himself. To cure himself of the werewolf. How could he do that to me. I love him.

Chapter 4

Tasha got up and walked around the library. How could Oz do that to her. Tasha couldn't understand that. Everything Willow said about the boy/werewolf made him out to be a good guy. But he left anyway. Men.

After a few moments of walking around the burnt library, Tasha picked up the book and began reading again. The next few pages talked about a guy by the name of Riley. He was Buffy's new boyfriend. Willow confessed her jealousy over the boy. He in his own way had taken Buffy away from Willow. She resented him for that, but at the same time she was happy for Buffy.

The pages also told about Xander and his weird relationship with Anya. Anya was still unaccustomed to being human and didn't know or understand when to say something and when not to say it. Willow, who had once found Anya annoying now found some humor in the ex-demon. She made Xander happy, which was enough for Willow.

The pages also told about Willows gift for magic. There were spells scribbled here and there. Most of the spells were simple spells but there were occasionally spells were dangerous. Next to some of the spells were "ask Giles." Tasha figured that Willow planned to ask Giles if he would help her with the spells. Tasha smiled and wondered if he did.

Then the pages began to tell of a group named the Inniative and of the return of the vampire who called himself Spike. The same Spike who had kidnapped Willow and Xander and in the process destroyed Xander's relationship with Cordelia and put Willow's relationship with Oz on borrowed time.

Spike is neutered boy now. That's what Xander calls. William the Bloody can't get it up. He tried with me. He tried to well, suck my blood. Couldn't do it. And I was in such a bad place I asked him to try again. Can you believe it. I took it personally. Then I thought better of it and ran like Hell.

Tasha laughed at the thought. Willow took not being sucked dry by and dangerous vampire personally. Well Tasha could understand why...kind of.

Tasha continued reading. She read about Adam, the creature created by Maggie Walsh and the initiative and how he escaped. She read about the return of Faith. Then she read about a girl named Tara.

Tara makes me fell all weird inside. The same way Oz used to. She's a witch like me. The only real one I found in that stupid Wicca group. God like if any of them had seen a real witch they would have run home to mommy. Tara is different though. She is a real witch. She makes me feel safe.

The pages of the journal continued to talk about Tara and their growing friendship. Then Oz returned wanting Willow back. The only problem was that Willow wanted Tara.

I chose. I chose Tara. I think I am falling in love with her.

Tasha smiled. Willow had chosen Tara over Oz. Tara had never betrayed her, Oz had. Even though Tasha knew from what she had read, Willow still loved Oz. The relationship was over between them. It was the final end to their relationship.

As Tasha continued to read the journal, got more and more engulfed in the story. It was almost like it was playing in her head. She could almost see the people and the events as they were happening. It was like she was there.

Today Riley left the Inniative for good. He had to choose between duty and his own conscience and guess what one. Maybe it was more to do with Buffy then anything but I am still glad he did it. The Inniative is going down and Riley knows it. He had to choose sides and he did. I just hope he doesn't regret it. And I hope Buffy doesn't regret letting him into our little group.

Tasha continued to read about the group. She read about how Spike turned the group against each other and how it almost worked. Willow had written some hateful and hurtful things about Buffy and Xander. She nearly didn't go to the meeting that had patched up their friendship. It was Adam and Spike who had nearly destroyed them all.

Chapter 5

Tasha turned the page and read about the last battle with Adam and the Inniative. It was a bloody battle with a great many casualties. That's the way Adam had wanted it. He wanted to make cute little demon/human hybrids for his own personal army. Riley was supposed to be his second in command but Riley wanted no part of it and he and Buffy (with a little help from the gang) at stopped Adam. They had even forgiven Spike for his betrayal.

The pages then told of the nightmares they all had. And about the first Slayer that hunted them all.

The dreams were definitely weird. And what about the guy with the cheese? He was in all of our dreams. Gave me the wiggins. The spell we did brought out the spirit of the first Slayer. She never had a watcher. Buffy defeated her though... at least she kind of did. Buffy woke up and that woke all of us up. Xander was acting weird though. I think he had another one of his Joyce dreams. That boy is really sick. Joyce is Buffy's mom.

Tasha continued to read the pages. They ones following told the story of Xander and his family. How they were mean to him and how he finally got up the nerve to leave. He moved in with Joyce after Anya had left town. She wanted to see the world and grew tired of living in danger every day. Xander had been sad but Joyce had made it all better.

.Joyce and Xander a couple.... talk about wiggens.

Then a few pages later.

Well I guess they are a nice couple once you get over their age difference. Buffy had the hardest time with it. Then again it left the way open for her true feelings for Giles to pop up. Didn't help any that Riley rejoined the military. They offered him a job he just couldn't refuse. He left Buffy and Giles picked up the pieces.

The pages continued to tell the story of their very strange lives. Each page Tasha read drew her in. It got to the point that if a band of vampires walked into the room Tasha wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.

Then suddenly it all stopped. The pages were blank. The last entry had been about the Watcher's council and the hit made out on Buffy. After that there was nothing. Tasha turned page after page and nothing. Then she got to the last page and stared in shock.

Dear Slayer.

This is the last entry of the book. We are going after the Watcher's council. They have gone too far this time. Until now they have only made passive attempts at Buffy's life. This time the attempt was overt. If Spike hadn't gotten us the information about the hit on Buffy she would be dead. We all would be dead.

Do not trust the council, Slayer. They will turn on you when you lose your usefulness. The moment you show any sort of independence they will turn on you.

We will try to stop them. Here and now it ends, for either them or us. It ends.

Its almost funny, Slayer. Our greatest enemy comes from the group that was supposed to be our greatest ally.

The spell we cast will end when you leave the library. The book will be destroyed. There can be no half way on this. The book can not fall into the wrong hands. All the things we have done will be twisted into hate. We can not allow that to happen.

We are going after the council. One way or another it ends.

Slayer, find your own way. Do not let the council destroy you like it did us. If you are reading this then we are dead. We died for you. For all the future slayers of the world. For all those who fight darkness whether it is outside or within.

Find your own way to defeat the darkness.

Willow Rosenburg

Buffy Summers

Rupert Giles

Xander Harris



Tara ____

Cordelia Chase

Joyce Summers

Wesley Windom-Price.


Chapter 6

Tasha cried. They had died trying to destroy the Watcher's council. Tasha knew that because the council was still in existence. But she also knew that they had almost succeeded. It wasn't common knowledge but Tasha had found out that the Council headquarters had been invaded during the early 2000's. Tasha knew it was Buffy and her friends. She knew it like it was her own name.

The council had nearly been wiped out that day but they had won in the end. The odds were just too great. The invaders (they were never named) had been killed. Their bodies buried in on unsanctified ground with no tombstone. They had been buried like common criminals.

Tasha wondered how the gang convinced Spike to go on a suicide mission. Maybe the vampire had felt he owed them. They had saved his life on several occasions. Well it didn't really matter. He died trying to save them.

After a few moments Tasha got to her feet making sure to put the book down carefully. She then walked to the door. At the door she looked back.


Tasha then turned back around and left the school. Dawn was approaching. Tasha stood by the school and watched the sun come up. Somewhere in the distance she heard a voice calling her name. It was telling her to leave Sunnydale. It was telling her to find her own destiny. It was telling her it was time to find a life. Within moments Tasha had decided. She was not going home. She was not going back. She owed Willow and the others far too much to return to the people who had killed them.



Johnathin Price was working at his desk when the call came in.


"Yes Thomas. How is everything?"

"What? Are you sure? "

"No we haven't got word on the next Slayer."

"No don't come here. She may return on her own. We'll take care of it from this end."

"Yes. That will be fine."

Johnathin hung up the phone. Just then a man in his fifties walked in.

"Damn." Johnathin frowned at the man, "It's happening again. We may have a rogue Slayer on our hands."


The end.