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12-11-99: Not a big update, in fact, I've only added new parts to 30 or so stories. Check the updates page to see which have been updated.

11-28-99: Only half of an update this week. 30 new stories have been added to the archive. I'll have more soon, along with some new parts to the unfinished stories.

Go to the Updates Page to find out whats stories have been added.

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Well, I'm fresh outta quotes, anyone come across one you liked? Send it in!

Site Worth Seeing

For those who have asked for more Buffy/Willow fiction here at Fever of Fate, you might want to go on over to A Slayer, A Hacker. I've been helping with graphics and design, pretty darned proud I am.

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New story of the week. In a New York Minute by Amy. Excellent Willow/Xander piece, plus another 'ship which makes itself known near the end, *but* you've got to read to find out more on that. Summary: When something happens between Willow and Xander the whole group must deal with it. Don't forget to send feedback to the author when you're through reading the story.

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I am ALWAYS looking for fiction to archive here. If you would like to see your fiction archived at Fever of Fate then please go to the submissions page.

You can also make a note that your fiction may be archived at Fever of Fate when posting to a news group or mailing list.


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