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Entering the Story Ideas, Challenges, and Discussion Forum

Before Entering Read This....

The point of this forum is to interact with other fan fiction writers, readers, etc.
Through this forum you will be able to post your story ideas and/or challenges.
You can also request beta readers, story help, etc.

Have an idea, but don't think you'd do it justice writing it yourself? Post it here to see if anyone else is interested in using it. If you do see an idea here you would like to use please make a point of writing the person who posted it (if they leave an email address) to tell them you will be using it.

If you'd like to use this forum as a place to discuss fan fiction, or the TV show Buffy in general, feel free to. I only ask that everyone keeps a mature attitude while using the forum.

Another thing, if you plan on talking about *anything* that has happened recently in the show don't forget to use SPOILER SPACE. It'd also be nice to put 'Spoilers' in the header of the message. This, of course, goes for info on upcoming episodes also.