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Welcome to the new challenges section at feverfate.

To submit challenges, email me
Remember, Anything goes!-The first three challenges are from me-to give you inspiration!

Challenge 1
Include the following:
1) A pick-axe
2) A diamond ring
3) A body-bag(dead body optional)
4) A pair of boxers
5) A cream cake
6) Anything that's crusty
In a willow/Xander smut fic. The story must be set during season 4 and Anya must die a horrible death!

Challenge 2
I've been playing with this idea for a while in my head. Suppose it wasn't Angel that rescued Buffy that first time, and it was Dru. How would this have affected the rest of the scooby gang (esp Willow)?

Challenge 3
OK this isn't really a challenge but a story idea. Suppose, a ritual required Willow to marry Spike to save the world(while he was still with dru ad she was still with Oz). How would the pair cope with such a situation? Would they neccesarily fall in love? Or would the marriage break up?

Challenge By Hortensa Delacroix
Hi guys, I was kinda thinking after the whole faith/buffy swap ep. What if Faith had swapped bodies with Willow instead?

Challenge By Fran
This is a good one!! Willow and Tara are an item. Tara cheats on Willow with...Spike!!...How will Willow exact revenge?

Challenge By SomeSpikeFan
Willow/Tara or Willow/Spike or(evil grin) Willow/Spike/Tara.
Here's the plot devices:
A black rose
Some mention of Angel's hair
Some mention of Riley's shoe size
The story should not be a tara bashing piece, and must have at least one NC17 scene!!

Challenge 4-By Azul
This is one I thought up while I was on the train. Write a period piece(ie one that is set in the 1800's century or before) where Willow-a naive and poor young maidservent-has just found work in a huge mansion in North London owned by the mysterious William De Le Croix (aka our very own Spike). At first it seems to be the job of her dreams but soon it turns very sinister. Why does her master only come out at night? Why are young girls going missing in the nearby village and then turning up very much alive at the mansion?....who is the screeming woman kept locked up in the attic?

Challenge-By BlackRose

Why did Willow stop Spike killing himself? Remember people ANGST

Challenge-By BlackRose
Willow+Tara+Doyle+Spike+French knickers+booze+Michael from Roswell has to be involved somehow